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Why choose Us?

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Dr. Steven A Vasilev MD | Gynecologic Oncology website is largely a public educational arm, highlighting advanced comprehensive complex benign gynecology and gynecologic oncology services. It highlights colleagues and services as listed at Providence Saint John’s Health Center, Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey, and Adventist Health White Memorial Medical Center. The focus of the physicians highlighted herein are personalized and include robotic surgery for complex benign and malignant conditions, warm-touch high-tech comprehensive mainstream and integrative care. This site is purely a service mark for public education regarding what services Dr Vasilev and community colleagues provide via their respective various medical groups.

Discover Center of Excellence concepts below.

The G.O. Institute Centers of Excellence are designated as such because we have very special expertise in these areas, comprised of decades of experience combined with innovative thinking, leading edge science and a holistic warm-touch approach to your care.

At the G.O. Institute our focus is on our Centers of Excellence. However, the expertise in these areas spills over to less commmon conditions which we treat regularly.

at G.O. Institute we offer multiple medical and surgical, as well as integrative, options to enhance your overall care.

G.O. Institute is involved in basic science, translational science and clnical reaserch activities.

G.O. Institute EDU program is involved in post-graduate training of doctors at the residenty, fellowship and visiting professorship level.

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For every individual, there is the best and then there’s all the rest.  But what does that mean? This is highly dependent upon how you would like to be cared for, above and beyond the medical expertise and tools. If you want personal warm touch high tech care, then what we offer is for you.  You see, we are very unique and you should explore the options you have with us!

Gynecologic Oncology Institute is a one-of-a-kind gynecologic cancer and complex pelvic surgery and holistic treatment center.  We are among very few world-class league-leading institutions because of our hybrid academic community mission and commitment to high tech personal touch medicine. For the reasons listed below, we reach out to all those in Santa Monica, local surrounding cities in the Great Los Angeles area, out-of-state and international clients.  It is highly unlikely you will have a similar experience in other institutions because of what makes us who we are.

There are many great cancer centers in the United States, California per se and certainly abroad.  But there is only one place like this and it is the Gynecologic Oncology Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.  See if you agree that this might be the place for you to seek care or at least get a comprehensive second opinion about managing your medical problem as well as focusing on you as the host to the disease.  It is critically important to fight a disease AND strengthen yourself at the same time, through nutrition and full-scope integrative natural support.

Get an action plan to take with if you can’t be treated here at the Gynecologic Oncology Institute…

Here are just some of the points that make us different:

  • high-tech warm-touch environment and care
  • 21st century robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery
  • cancer proofing primary prevention & recurrence reduction
  • VIP concierge program
  • root cause analysis to determine why you may have your cancer
  • treatment and support based on this individualized analysis
  • determination of risk for other or multiple cancers
  • personalized holistic approach to patient care
  • natural integrative services bundled in your care
  • counseling and research access to clinical trials