Centers of Excellence @ Gyn Oncology Los Angeles

Our centers of excellence expertise led by Dr. Steven Vasilev MD Gynecologic Oncology spans gynecologic cancers and highly specialized gynecology needs of patients with advanced endometriosis, pelvic masses, ovarian cysts and enlarging uterine fibroids.  We use a very special combination of minimally invasive robotic surgery, precision medicine based on molecular sciences and holistic integrative healing.
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Gynecologic Oncology AdobeStock 78890382 OvarianCystsMasses
Gynecologic Oncology AdobeStock 78890382
Gynecologic Oncology AdobeStock 78890382
Gynecologic Oncology AdobeStock 78890382

G.O. Institute Expertise Across Advanced Surgical Gynecology

Early and advanced ovarian cancer treatment is grounded in minimally invasive surgery, followed by personalized medical therapy and integrative healing into a thriving survivorship.

Ovarian cysts are best treated with prevention, which is largely related to natural lifestyle choices. Some cysts are not cysts, but are actually tumors (both cancer and benign) and need minimally invasive surgical treatment. Determining which is which is what we do for you.

From prevention to treatment we have you covered. Endometrial cancer is highly curable with minimally invasive surgery but we are able to help you with advanced personalized cancer treatment as well.

These common tumors are usually benign but can become very large or degenerate into a type of cancer called sarcoma. We can guide you towards the best and safest options for treatment.

Cervical cancer is usually curable with surgery, including fertility sparing options. With the appropriate safeguards we use, minimally invasive robotic surgery is often possible.

Excisional surgery for advanced endometriosis is best practice and is a focus of our expertise. We use state of the art robotics with superior optics and precision instruments for less trauma and faster recovery.

Minimally invasive surgery is our uber-expertise and we offer advanced robotically assisted surgery for most malignant and benign conditions.

The following gynecological cancers are more unusual and require expertise in surgical approaches as well as targeted therapies. Fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers are treated much like ovarian cancer, but there are some important differences. Discover what those are with us. We aslo treat advanced precancerous conditions such as cervical and vulvar dysplasia.

  • Vulvar Cancer

  • Vaginal Cancer

  • Fallopian Tube

  • Primary Peritoneal

  • Angimyxoma
  • Sarcoma