Dr Vasilev’s Team & Colleagues

Meet YOUR Team

Your team at Saint John’s Health Center,  is here to guide you through every step of the way.  From education, prevention and diagnosis, through surgery and personally tailored adjuvant therapies and into survivorship and proactive recurrence prevention, we are here for you. The core members of this team are Dr. Vasilev, in private practice affiliated with Saint John’s, and  Lisa Stern PA, Alicia Franklin AA, Lisa Oliver RN, Rebecca Crane-O’Kada PhD RN as the extended team members that are part of Saint John’s Health Center staff.   Take some time to meet and learn about your core team and available highly experienced independent consultants!

Gynecologic Oncology INN Vasilev

Gynecologic Oncologist

Robotic Surgeon

Integrative Medicine

Gynecologic Oncology Beedlelisa

Physician Associate

Alicia P Franklin

Alicia P Franklin

Administrative Assistant

Gynecologic Oncology Rebecca Crane Okada

Integrative Mind-Body Specialist

Gynecologic Oncology IMG 4077 e1599952646209

Lisa Oliver RN

Oncology Nurse

Gynecologic Oncology WMMCResidents e1507683864127

Senior Gyn Residents

Gynecologic Oncology Lisa Chaiken MD

COH Radiation Oncology

Gynecologic Oncology MISFellows

Integrative M.I.S. Fellows

Gynecologic Oncology Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 5.32.31 PM

Endometriosis Excision Consultant

Gynecologic Oncology Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 5.31.41 PM

Endometriosis Excision Consultant

Gynecologic Oncology Screen Shot 2019 05 02 at 5.51.46 PM

Robotic Surgery Consultant

Gynecologic Oncology Richard Frieder

Genetics / Prevention Consultant

Gynecologic Oncology Jensine Yang RD CNSC e1596382538494

Saint John’s Nutrition & Dietetics

Gynecologic Oncology Pilates2 PT PSJHC

Exercise & Conditioning

Gynecologic Oncology Timothy Kristedja MD

Medical Oncology

Gynecologic Oncology Yuki Takasumi MD


Gynecologic Oncology Dave Hoon MS PhD

JWCI Molecular Oncology


Medical Oncology

Gynecologic Oncology Sean Fischer MD

Medical Oncology

Gynecologic Oncology GraceChangMD

Medical Oncology