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Gynecologic Cancer Integrative Care  

Endometriosis Excision Specialists  

Advanced Pelvic Surgery & Integrative Healing


Gynecologic Cancers

We treat cancers of the female reproductive tract, ovary, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva

Ovarian & Uterine Masses

Pelvic tumors arising from the ovaries, uterus, cervix and vagina can require advanced surgery

Advanced Endometriosis

We help women with advanced endometriosis excision, especially when prior surgery has failed

Complex Pre-Cancers

General Ob-Gyn doctors refer to us for help in managing recurrent and persistent gyn pre-cancers

Meet Dr Steve Vasilev MD

Dr. Vasilev is widely acclaimed as an über-expert high-tech minimally invasive robotically-assisted surgeon. He combines this with a personalized approach to surgery and treatment planning.  We use integrative healing methods to help you recover, survive and thrive!


Gynecologic Oncology Institute features high-tech robotic surgery & personalized 21st century molecular medicine, combined with a warm touch natural integrative approach and holistic care. 


21st Century Cutting-Edge Treatment Options

Surgical and  medical therapy options are based on the latest best published research information.


Extensively Discussed & Applied to YOU as an Individual

Research studies are focused on hundreds or thousands of patients, SO how that is applied to you as an individual is critical to success.


Science-Informed Nutrition and Mind-Body Options

Many "alternative" and "natural" options are useless and harmful, but many are very helpful. We help you find what really works! 


Hand-Held Guidance Throughout Your Experience

We believe the personal  "human touch" to help guide you is crucial for your recovery and focus on making sure you are supported.

Your Health is Our Priority

When facing complex benign surgery or surgical and medical therapy for cancer, the challenge is not only to beat the disease but to restore health and vitality as quickly as possible! There are many benefits to our approach, including:

  • Home faster after surgery, often the same day or next morning

  • Less invasive means less complications, including less pain, small blood loss, less infection, less readmissions

  • Less treatment toxicity, using 21st century targeted therapies when possible, tailored to you by clinical and molecular analysis is Your Quality of Life

Because of the benefits of faster surgical recovery and our focus on holistically restoring health, this means you are back with family and loved ones, thriving and enjoying the best that life has to offer

  • Drive & get around sooner, because less need for opioids due to less pain means you're safe to go anywhere you want quickly

  • Socialize faster, because less pain and less surgical  trauma means you can get into life's routine must faster 

  • Get to next treatment ASAP, if needed in your journey to health. This is absolutely HUGE in order to increase chances for cure. 

  • Thrive during chemo-biotherapy, with integrative holistic support you maximize quality of life activities during treatment

Dr Steve Vasilev IN THE MEDIA

Dr Vasilev is frequently featured in articles and commentary about women's health concerns

including  cancer, advanced robotic surgery, endometriosis and other topics

in multiple media channels, magazines and news

Dr Steve Vasilev's RESEARCH Publications & Books

Dr Vasilev is extensively published and according to his work has been cited by other professionals and colleagues hundreds of times, meaning he is a respected national expert on multiple topics related to cancer, minimally invasive surgery, peri-operative recovery and integrative medicine.


Your CORE team includes Dr Steve, Lisa and "Z" .... after we meet you, we created and care plan, personally craft a team of care-givers and support services that is individualized to your specific needs! 

Dr Steve Vasilev

Integrative Surgeon

Board certified in gynecology, gynecologic oncology & integrative holistic medicine

Lisa Stern PAC

Physicians Assistant

Lisa's personal attention to detail means you are always on-track and supported in your journey

Zolton Horvath

Adminstrative Associate

"Z" is always available to schedule, reassure, guide you, and authorize your surgery and visits

Extended Team

We guide you all the way! The team depends on what health condition we are helping you with.


We deliver higher-level limited-availability services by application review only,  so when you are accepted as a patient you join us as a VIP and not treated as an insurance authorization number getting cookie-cutter "ok-level" care

.....and as we all know, "just OK is not OK". 


In the end, what people say reflects the age-old saying "the proof is in the pudding".  We walk the talk and help people emerge from the other end as quickly as possible, with personal support. 

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“Dr. Vasilev is a very caring doctor and that is really important. The whole team is focused on a caring attitude”

Patricia B.

Santa Monica, CA

“Heartfelt gratitude to my magnificent surgeon, Dr. Vasilev, to Lisa and to the entire team.”

Sandra C.

Santa Monica, CA

“Dr Vasilev and his team were absolutely amazing. The robotic surgery was fantastic. ”

Marion W.

Los Angeles, CA

Exceeding Expectations

Unbeatable combination of the main campus Cedars Sinai #8 in the nation USNews ranking, the recently acquired Cedars Marina del Rey personal touch and Dr. Vasilev's highly rated team, based on over 200 reviews! 

  • CLEAR Communication

    Whether you have a diagnosed or possible cancer or if you are suffering from pain due to conditions like endometriosis, you need all your questions answered

  • Personal Attention and Time

    It takes time to explain what your best options might be and why. We give you that time. 

  • Compassionate Guiding Hand

    Beyond a diagnosis and discussion of options you need a connection with your trusted doctor and a guiding hand.  We endeavor to provide that guidance and support. 

Patient Experience Ratings


Apply for Consultation at the Gynecologic Oncology Institute

  • Some insurances accepted

  • Consultations limited to optimize care for those we can help most  

  • Records reviewed within 24 hours

  • In-state tele-consults possible under special circumstances

FREE Records Review

If after review it is determined we can help you, a consultation will be scheduled as expeditiously as possible.  If the fit is not there and we think you will be better served by someone else, we will help advise and guide you to the right physician. 


Minimally invasive gynecologic robotic surgery, precision cancer therapy, integrative holistic medicine healing

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