Specialized Diagnostic & Treatment Options

There are multiple diagnostic and treatment options that we offer at the Gynecologic Oncology Institute to treat benign, pre-cancerous and malignant gynecological conditions which affect women’s reproductive organs.  These include: molecular diagnostics, surgical treatment, personalized therapies and integrative support. The diagnostics and treatment options are based on a unique combination of minimally invasive robotic surgery, targeted cancer therapies, and natural integrative support to holistically treat and reduce the risk of recurrence for those with cancer. 

  • cfDNa Liquid Biopsy

  • NextGen Molecular Profiling

  • Nutritional SNP Analysis

  • MicroBiome Analysis

  • Hysterectomy

  • Minimally Invasive

  • Robotically Assisted

  • Ovarian Cytoreduction / Debulking

  • Endometriosis Excision

  • Complex & Reoperative Gyn Surgery

  • Pelvic Reconstruction

  • Personalized Chemotherapy

  • Hormonal Therapy

  • Targeted Molecular Biologics

  • HIPEC **coming soon**


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