Holistic Integrative Oncology Healing & Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention is the cornerstone philosophy at the Gynecologic Oncology Institute. Through epigenetics, nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics it is feasible to prevent pre-cancerous and malignant gynecological conditions which affect women’s reproductive organs.  If cancer is diagnosed, it is crucial to not only treat the cancer but also to support your body during the fight and help with symptoms from both the cancer and the treatment. Finally, after treatment, in order to thrive in survivorship, it is extremely important to be very proactive in reducing the risk of recurrence. Our services include: primary cancer prevention, recurrence reduction, and holistic integrative support.

  • Primary

  • Secondary Recurrence Reduction

  • Molecular Screening

  • Genetics Evaluation

  • Nutritional SNP Analysis

  • Microbiome Analysis

  • Risk Reducing Surgery

  • Nutritional Overhaul

  • Lifestyle Overhaul

  • Targeted Supplementation

  • Microbiome Optimization

  • Nutritional Support

  • Symptom Amelioration

  • Mind-Body

  • Alternative Therapy Counseling

  • Exercise / Mindful Movement