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Endometriosis link to rheumatoid arthritis

Our investigative team at GO Institute found this informative review which brings up an important point about endo and that is its connection to other inflammatory and immune disorders.  Inflammatory bowel disease is one area of concern but there are others. This study is a case in point to be aware of. “A study from […]

Emilie Picch pregnant: she suffers from endometriosis and confides in her pregnancy – Inspired Traveler

January 10, 2021, Emilie Picch announced big news to his followers on Instagram. She is pregnant with her first child and showed a sunny photo that shows her round belly. Seven days later, the former Mag of NRJ12 columnist made the first confidentialities about her pregnancy. On January 17, 2021, Emilie Picch actually agreed to […]

Voiding dysfunction after surgery for deep infiltrating endometriosis : Prediction

After extensive pelvic surgery, such as that sometimes necessary for deep infiltrating endometriosis, the bladder and its nerves can be inflamed or irritated enough to temporarily stop working.  This sometimes means you have to wear a catheter for a few days to a week.  Predicting who might need this helps in getting ready for recovery.  […]

The market for drugs for the treatment of endometriosis will experience an enormous upswing in the period under study until 2027

This is a business-oriented piece but has important implications for endometriosis sufferers. The good news is that this means there is more focus on endo on the research and development side. The bad news is it may lead to focus on a smorgasbord of medications that are really more symptom-related than treatment-related.  But this remains […]

2027 | Endometriosis Treatment Market Size by Regional Industry Growth, Statistics, and Forecast – NeighborWebSJ

The DataIntelo report, titled Endometriosis Treatment Market, provides detailed information and an overview of the key influencers needed to make an informed business decision....

Endometriosis Awareness Is Always All The Time

March is officially endometriosis awareness month and that means it’s time for me to get writing. Endometriosis awareness has come on in leaps and bounds since I started this blog way back in the dim and distant past of 2009 and even more so from the time before that. This has led to some noticeable...

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