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ARID1A molecular driver of some ovarian cancers and glutamine benefits and harm

This is a very important research article that the Gynecologic Oncology Institute investigative team uncovered. The reason, beyond the possibility of new ways to treat certain ovarian cancers, is that chemotherapy is often neurotoxic and many oncologists prescribe very high doses of glutamine for help prevent or treat that side effect.  If you have the […]

Ovarian cancer aggressive treatment can help older patients

Ovarian cancer is mainly a disease of older women.  But what is older?  In today’s world with better technology options and a general trend towards healthy longevity, in those that seek it, an arbitrary age cutoff makes no sense. At the Gynecologic Oncology Institute in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Steven Vasilev MD takes a very […]

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ovarian Cancer Management: Adapting to the New Normal

The Gynecologic Oncology Institute focuses on ovarian cancer and supports all efforts to get care back to normal as soon as possible.  This is another form of collateral damage due to the pandemic and it certainly hits our patients close to home. Cancer Manag Res. 2021, Jan. 14; 13: 359-366. doi: 10.2147 / CMAR.S287152. eCollection […]

Ultimovacs tests UV1 for ovarian cancer as part of triple combo therapy

Our investigative team came across this press release for a novel immunomodulation trial for ovarian cancer.  This trial will look at an aggressive combination of immunotherapy and PARP inhibitor olaparib. Ultimovacs will test its experimental cancer vaccine UV1 as a triple-combination therapy for women with relapsed ovarian cancer who do not have mutations in their […]

LncRNA ANRIL Regulates Ovarian Cancer Progression and Tumor Stem Cell

The Gynecologic Oncology Institute investigative team came upon this additional novel marker therapy strategy. Ovarian cancer is a significant cause of death from gynecologic cancer. There are about 14,000 cases died of ovarian cancer each year in the United States. Overall survival of women with advanced ovarian cancer was rarely improved in recent years. Recurrence […]

Propanc Biopharma: proenzyme therapy in patients with pancreatic and ovarian cancer

This is a novel approach among growing interest in integrative approaches for cancer treatment. GO Institute does not support alternative factless therapies and supports research into approaches that may lead to effective therapies, especially where the goal is effective but less toxic treatments.  We are a long way off on this, but it is of […]

Phase II randomized study of olaparib, chemotherapy, or olaparib and cediranib in patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer (OCTOVA): a study protocol.

At G.O. Institute we are always reviewing up and coming treatment options.  This is a study to keep tabs on since it will help determine if an oral combination of PARP inhibitor and an oral version of a biological that acts like bevacizumab (anti-angiogenic) has a role in the treatment of recurrent platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. […]

I had 3 years to live after I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

When Anne Ainsworth was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in 2014, she was shocked to discover the statistic on low survival. But the 60-year-old says a drug called niraparib “gave me back my life” – and it will now help thousands more women every year. Anne Ainsworth, 60, said a new ovarian cancer drug called […]

The study suggests that ovarian cancer cells adapt to their environment to support tumor growth

Washington [US]Jan. 17 (ANI): Researchers have published a detailed description of how ovarian cancer cells adapt to survival and proliferation in the abdominal cavity in a study recently published in Frontiers in Oncology. The researchers show that as the disease progresses from benign to malignant, the structures in cells change, which helps cells grow in […]

Primary peritoneal carcinoma

Image by/from Nephron Is primary peritoneal cancer the same as ovarian cancer? Primary peritoneal carcinoma, also known as serous surface papillary carcinoma, primary peritoneal cancer, small ovary peritoneal cancer, extra-ovarian serous carcinoma, primary serous papillary carcinoma, and rarely as psammomacarcinoma. That’s quite a mouthful for any of these, but it does not matter.  They basically...

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Ovarian Cancer Patients Live Eight Years Longer: Molecular Profiling Impact

The following is a press release from Caris Life Sciences about a breakthrough presentation of data at the recent American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting. In this study, the median overall survival was eight years longer in ovarian and fallopian tube cancer patients treated using Caris Molecular Intelligence profiling vs. those who did not....

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