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Endometrial Cancer

Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for metastatic endometrial cancer : study finds benefit

This is a very important study because it offers legitimate hope to advanced endometrial cancer patients.  Usually, endometrial cancer is not advanced and very curable, but advanced disease is a different story. Endometrial cancer often spreads to lymph nodes, but it can also spread to the liver and inside the abdominal cavity where the intestines […]

Antengen IND application in China: Phase 3 study of ATG-010 (selinexor) in advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer

Upcoming study of another biological molecular targeting strategy, novel compared to many.  United States centers for this study should become available as this is an international study. SHANGHAI and HONG KONG, January 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Antengene Corporation Limited (“Antengene”, SEHK: 6996.HK), a leading innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and […]

Endometrial cancer patients in Kentucky have a higher rate of DACH1 mutations

Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain This is a study that is interesting because the reasons why some patients with uterine cancer have far worse survival is elusive.  It is known that certain cell types can be more aggressive, like papillary serous (UPSC) and clear cell, but even in those, there is a difference in outcomes […]

Gwen Ifill Did Not Have To Die? Thoughts on Preventing and Surviving Endometrial Cancer

Gwen Ifill was at the top of her career when endometrial cancer struck and claimed her life at the age of 61.  This is the approximate average age when endometrial cancer can afflict your health. Fortunately, it highly curable in most cases.  There are more aggressive types of uterine cancer than can arise from the...

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