Emilie Picch pregnant: she suffers from endometriosis and confides in her pregnancy – Inspired Traveler

Emilie Picch pregnant: she suffers from endometriosis and confides in her pregnancy – Inspired Traveler

January 10, 2021, Emilie Picch announced big news to his followers on Instagram. She is pregnant with her first child and showed a sunny photo that shows her round belly. Seven days later, the former Mag of NRJ12 columnist made the first confidentialities about her pregnancy.

On January 17, 2021, Emilie Picch actually agreed to answer questions from her fans on this topic. The beautiful blonde who works for Radio Star (in the morning) didn’t hide that she didn’t want to complain about anything yesterday, but otherwise she was fine. Actually, I didn’t have many symptoms to complain about, ”specified the expectant mother, who is in her second trimester of pregnancy. The only symptom she has discovered so far is that she is very tired at the beginning. “For the first few months, besides the pace of my work, I was overwhelmed by the alarm clock at 5am. I’m not a sissy at all, but I was really tired, ”we can read.

Usually very discreet about her personal life, Emilie Picch agreed to a major revelation when asked if it took her long to get pregnant: “Yes, although I wasn’t really looking for it. (…) It’s a complicated question because I’ve never talked about it, but I have endometriosis. Today I am saying it because talking to some of them makes me realize how far I am from being the only one. “The former buddy of Benoît Dubois wants to take precaution to talk about this disease that ruins life and destroys the dream of becoming a mother for many women. She was lucky she didn’t have to undergo any treatments to have her baby. It is a “surprise of life” as she confided. A wonderful surprise.


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