Cancer Fighting Nutrition

Anti-cancer foods more powerful than previously thought!

Anti-Cancer Plant Based DietWhen it comes to nutrition and cancer there is a lot of information out there, much of which is bogus.  What does science say about the best diets to beat cancer?

The Mediterranean Diet has been the league-leading giant when it comes to published articles supporting health benefits, including reduction in death from all causes. However, this is a broad region of the world and it is hard to pin the benefit on specific foods in the Mediterranean Diet.  Or is it?

A whole food plant-based diet may be the answer in terms of what foods are the most anti-cancer.  There are a lot of similarities with the Mediterranean Diet, minus the animal fat and proteins. One can argue about legumes, lectins and other innuendos in a vegan or vegetarian diet but in the end the benefits of simply thinking “plant-based” handily overwhelm the objections.

Dr. Greger of compiles a lot of information and presents it in a way that is very understandable and impactful.  Enjoy the video below.  Most if not all viewpoints are shared by me, as an integrative oncologist who perhaps digs a little deeper while looking at anti-cancer impact of food vs. the overall health benefits of eating a wholesome diet. There are a lot of great pearls in this video and suggest strongly that eating a plant-based diet strongly supports how not to die from cancer.

If nothing else, this video should have opened your eyes about how much the standard American diet (SAD) is so very bad for you.  Just as it is now becoming accepted that sitting is the new smoking (*hint: strong suggestion that exercise is important too), eating chicken wings and processed foods can be similar to lighting up cigarettes as well.  These are the basics folks.  There is much more to this story and we will continue to cover it.