Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery, which means that surgery is performed through the smallest possible incisions instead of old-fashioned large incisions.  Using the DaVinci Xi—the world’s foremost surgical robot system—miniaturized instruments are passed through incisions that are about a quarter of an inch in size. The instruments include a 3-D camera with magnification combined with scissors, graspers, and other delicate tools that have wrists, just like a human hand.  The result is that the surgeon controls these instruments with unparalleled precision, allowing safer surgery with less trauma or damage to tissues.  This means you recover much faster and can get back to life sooner.

Master surgeons who have embraced this technology truly feel as though they have been miniaturized and operating directly inside their patients.  While this is 21st-century surgery at its finest, some say it costs too much and does not really offer much of an advantage over simple laparoscopy which also uses small incisions.  Let the hospitals and insurance companies fight that out because this cost DOES NOT get transferred to you at all.  While you get the absolute finest most precise surgical care with robotic surgery, your co-pays are the same as they would be for less advanced laparoscopy.

At the Gynecologic Oncology Institute, we focus on the most advanced and challenging cancer or benign surgical cases, like advanced endometriosis.  Therefore, we have the best available Xi robotics equipment and highly talented and experienced surgeons ready to be part of your team.  The physics, optics, and overall science behind robotic surgery is unquestionable. We follow and analyze the latest news and technique development for your benefit.