Uterine Cancer

Uterine Cancer

Cancer of the uterus is usually highly curable, but research is ongoing to determine the best surgical, medical and radiation options for more advanced cases.  Also, as we enter the molecular medicine age, prevention is back at the forefront.  Prevention by natural means using genomic knowledge, including diet, exercise and lifestyle choices is more important than most people realize.

We blog about news, tips and breakthrough research for uterine cancers of all types, including endometrioid endometrial (the most common), uterine papillary serous cancer and uterine sarcomas.  Topics include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery and robotics

  • Chemotherapy and biological therapies

  • Holistic and integrative support

  • Genomic and molecular therapy innovations

At the Gynecologic Oncology Institute, we offer personalized therapy based on your individual situation which is based on all available research:  Discover MORE about Uterine Cancer