Gynecologic Oncology Clinical Research

At the Gynecologic Oncology Institute, we help our patients look at ALL options, including tomorrow’s standard therapies today.  We deliver “many options” combined with high-tech but personalized focus, and this helps us help you fight the best fight possible.

By having world-renowned scientists, physicians and treatment facilities working side by side at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, we’re able to direct you to your best options even if that best option is located elsewhere.

Many of today’s most effective cancer and disease therapies are based on the results of clinical trials that depend on volunteer patients. By being part of a clinical trial, a patient could benefit from the latest treatments available, treatments that are promising but unproven.

Our currently available clinical trials can be found HERE

In addition to our current offerings, search through the national NCI clinical trials database below. See if any of them sound promising and interesting to you.  As with all decisions regarding your medical care, the choice to participate is yours to make. We will do our best to advise you about your options.

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GOI considers clinical research options to be a very important part of your care.  When standard therapies fail, new advances are being developed faster than ever before. Our pledge is to keep you informed of clinical trials options during your treatment with us.