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We offer personalized care for cancer, pelvic masses and endometriosis, including surgery, personalized medicine & holistic support

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  • Mainstream & Holistic Care

    Conquering your cancer is more than just administering the latest innovations in minimally invasive robotic surgery, chemotherapy, biologicals, radiation, hormones and immune modulation.  We do all that, but offer you so much more !  

  • Personalized Treatment

    No two women, and no two cancers, are exactly the same.  My Team and I customize and then optimize your Integrative Cancer Care Treatment Plan so we can take care of you and your individual needs.

  • Reduce Recurrence Risk

    Evidence-informed and rational natural strategies are crucial to help prevent cancer, to reduce symptoms during and after treatment and to proactively do everything possible to help prevent recurrence.


  • YOU Are Our Focus

    You are NOT a number. You are NOT a disease.  You are NOT your cancer. You are a beautiful, wonderful person. You and your well-being are at the center of our attention, not the cancer.  We treat YOU as an individual in a holistic personalized fashion.

  • YOUR Concierge Team

    With us you get a dedicated Integrative Cancer Care Team and concierge guidance. You are shepherded personally through all necessary appointments for treatment and guided to the best natural holistic strategies. 

  • Mind - Body - Spirit

    Combining rational Mind-Body-Spirit therapies will allow you to build your emotional, mental and physical strength so you can minimize side effects, speed up healing time and reduce stress and inflammation.

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How to Find The BEST Gynecologic Oncologist for YOU

Listen BELOW to Dr. Vasilev sharing his thoughts

about finding an oncologist optimal for you! 

Minimally Invasive, DaVinci Robotic Surgery

This video shows the extremely delicate finesse moves possible using minimally invasive robotically assisted technology. This FAR exceeds what is possible with "regular" laparoscopy. During surgery this fine motion in tight spaces makes ALL the difference in reducing reducing blood loss and minimizing trauma. This leads to faster healing and very rapid recovery. 


Initial treatment often begins with minimally invasive surgery.

Many gynecologic cancers and pre-cancers can be cured by surgery alone.  The less invasive surgery is, the faster you recover and get back to your life. 

Let's review the benefits....

When minimally invasive robotically assisted surgery is right for you, it can supercharge your treatment plan.

  • Less Pain

    Small incisions are much less painful than large incisions. Less motion of instruments through the incisions, a feature of robotic surgery, also results in less pain. 

  • Go Home Faster

    Even large surgeries on the inside of your body are possible using robotic surgery through small incisions. This means recovery after surgery is lightning fast.


    In many cases, patients can go home the same day of surgery. Recovery can be even faster than standard laparoscopic surgery.

  • Less Trauma & Blood Loss

    Finesse instruments are like tiny little hands inside your body during robotically assisted surgery.  This results in meticulous surgery, less trauma and very little blood loss. 

  • Back to Your Life Sooner

    If your condition is curable by surgery then you get back to life sooner than after big incision surgery. 


    If you need more treatment, robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery allows you to start much faster so that chances of cure are not compromised. 


21st Century Oncology personalized precision treatments.

Many gynecologic cancers are curable with additional therapy if surgery is not enough. Your best chance for cure mandates a very personalized strategic plan. Don't settle for "cookie cutter" same-as-everyone-else treatment. You are an individual.  Be treated that way!

What patients have been saying...

** Names and images have been changed for privacy and results are not typical but clearly show what is possible with the right strategies.

Stage IV Endometrial cancer and disease-free after treatment !!  I highly recommend Dr Vasilev and his team.


Stage IV Endometrial Cancer

Dr. Steve is an understated, compassionate person. Seventeen years ago after being told a third ovarian cancer surgery (OC) was impossible I was introduced to Dr. Steve in California by another OC survivor. He thoroughly evaluated my medical history, health, scans and labs and gave me confidence surgery would be successful. Dr. Steve’s surgery saved my life at that time which allowed me to witness the birth of eight grandchildren through the years.


Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer


Stage IV Cervical Cancer

I am a 50-year-old mother and a 2x Cervical Cancer survivor. I have been in full remission for 18 years after distant recurrence. I am so grateful for my life today, and I attribute my amazing and fulfilled life to Dr. Steven Vasilev. His knowledge, understanding and expertise on all facets of clinical trials, current chemotherapy drugs as well as his resources and knowledge of Eastern vs. Western medicine has been astounding and well respected. He proves over and over again how very fortunate I am every day to be living life to the fullest, cancer free!


Stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer

Dr. Vasilev is the kind of doctor you can trust with your life. In September 2006 I was told I had a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer and six months to live. My husband and I were overwhelmed, confused, terrified, and seeking a cure for my ovarian cancer. Then we met Dr. Vasilev, and we have never looked back. Doctor Vasilev immediately put our minds at rest, he gave us a direction, introduced us to all our options and guided us through the decision making process making himself available through office visits, emails, and phone calls to answer all our questions. Doctor Vasilev has seen us through six recurrences in ten years. Each time he has been innovative in his way of thinking, and applies his arsenal of knowledge in developing his treatment plans. He integrates western and alternative medicine using the best of both to ensure that his patients handle their diagnosis with the best possible care and whenever possible, that they recover healthier, wiser, and better informed than before their diagnosis. I wish that every cancer patient could have a Dr. Vasilev in their corner. 

Dr. Steve Vasilev MD

Integrative Gynecologic Oncology & Robotic Surgery

America's original and only quadruple board certified Integrative Gynecologic Oncologist. 


What this means for you is that my team and I help guide you to defeat cancer using a unique combination of minimally invasive robotic surgery, precision cancer therapies and complementary holistic natural support so you can thrive in survivorship. 


I am extremely honored to have delivered personalized cancer care to more than 10,000 cancer patients.


Having served on the faculty of four medical schools, I am currently Medical Director and Professor of Integrative Medicine and Gynecologic Oncology at the Providence Saint John's Health Center and John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California.  I am also a Clinical Professor at the Loma Linda School of Medicine.  

Once You Schedule A Consultation

Look, discovering that you or a loved one has cancer is utterly terrifying. So, when you schedule an appointment a series of very important things will happen.

What Happens During Your First Appointment ?

FIRST, our overall goal is to get you in as soon as possible, get your records and all reports for review, get all required insurance authorizations and then focus on how we can best help you.  

  • Getting to know you is our #1 priority

    We are going to determine what is important to you and how we can best help you fight and defeat your cancer.  That is the cornerstone of a personalized fight against cancer.

  • Explaining and answering questions

    We will take however long is required to explain potential options for your care. There is usually more than one path. 

  • Shared decision-making process

    We are your team in conquering your cancer, and YOU are at the center of your  team.  We help you navigate and choose. 


50 Shades  of Surviving and Thriving Past Cancer

Without Making Wrong Decisions That Can Cost Your Life

So that you can better understand the science and truth about holistic Mind-Body-Spirit support during state-of-the-art effective cancer therapy, I wrote a 379 page book for you entitled Cancer Cureology: The Ultimate Survivor's Holistic Guide - Integrative Natural Anti-Cancer Answers: The Science and Truth

  • De-Cancerize and Cancer-Proof  YOUR body
  • Improve your quality of life and overall wellness
  • Minimize treatment side effects
  • Speed up healing time
  • Boost your mindset and spirit
  • Reduce stress, inflammation and risk of recurrence

If you have been diagnosed with uterine, endometrial, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulvar or any other gynecologic cancer I will give you this book for FREE when we meet for a consultation.  


So, please do not buy my book if you schedule a consultation because I will give it to you for free. Cancer Cureology will help you even if you decide to seek treatment elsewhere and we are happy to help no matter what !


Call if you have any of these Conditions:

  • Gynecologic Cancer

    • Ovarian cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Uterine cancer or sarcoma
    • Cervical cancer
    • Vulvar cancer
    • Vaginal cancer
    • Gynecologic melanoma
  • Gynecologic PRE-Cancer

    • Cervical dysplasia - high grade
    • Vaginal dysplasia - high grade
    • Vulvar dysplasia - high grade
  • Gynecologic Uncertain Condition

    • Pelvic or ovarian mass
    • Complex ovarian cyst(s)
    • Enlarging uterine myomas or fibroids
  • Gynecologic Benign Condition

    • Endometriosis - deep infiltrating
    • Re-operative gynecologic surgery (many prior surgeries)

We are located in Santa Monica, CA


The Gynecologic Oncology Institute is a one-of-a-kind gynecologic cancer & complex pelvic surgery center dedicated to holistic care.  We are among very few world-class league-leading institutions because of our hybrid academic community mission and commitment to "high tech personal touch" medicine. For the reasons listed below, we reach out to all those in Santa Monica, local surrounding cities in the Greater Los Angeles area, out-of-state and international clients.  It is highly unlikely you will have a similar experience in other institutions because of what makes us who we uniquely are. 


There are many great cancer centers in the United States and abroad.  But there is only one place like this and it is the Gynecologic Oncology Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.  See if you agree after visiting us.  This might be the best place for you to seek care or at least get a comprehensive second opinion.  We  focus on you and why you may have come down with this disease because it is critically important to fight cancer AND strengthen yourself at the same time, through nutrition and integrative natural support. For those who we help that do not have cancer, we still focus on prevention and best combination of surgical, medical and natural options.

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